The studio curriculum is tailored to each student's unique learning style, skill level, and personal goals. The following outlines the structure of the curriculum: 

Private Piano Lessons 
Private piano lessons are offered weekly in 45-minute or 60-minute sessions, depending on the student's age and level. Lessons incorporate healthy technique, tone production, performance practice, performance interpretation, music theory, and musicianship. 

Musicianship Classes 
Musicianship classes are designed to help students reinforce music theory concepts and improve listening skills. They take place in the studio on selected Saturdays. 

Performance Workshops and Studio Recitals  
Performance workshops allow students to share music in a friendly, non-competitive environment. Students expand their knowledge of repertoire by listening to others' performances, and they learn to support their fellow musicians. In addition, students perform in studio recitals to celebrate their musical accomplishments. 

Festivals and Competitions 
Yee Wing Chan Piano Studio is actively involved in the following professional music teaching organizations: Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and North Carolina Music Teachers Association (NCMTA). These organizations provide students with many enriching musical opportunities, such as the MTNA National Student Competitions, MTNA eFestival, and NCMTA Piano Performance Festivals. Students develop their intrinsic motivation and self-determination through participating in these events.